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Woot (originally W00t) is an American Internet retailer based in the Dallas suburb of Carrollton, Texas. Founded by electronics wholesaler Matt Rutledge, it debuted on July 12, 2004. Woot's main website generally offers only one discounted product each day, often a piece of computer hardware or an electronic gadget. Other Woot sites offer daily deals for T-shirts, wine, children's items, household goods; two other sites offer various items. On June 30, 2010, Woot announced an agreement to be acquired by Amazon.

Vasu angrily mentioned, "In these times, when online companies have to pay attention to their customer service, Woot is so bad that I use their customer service is the reason why Amazon is the only place to shop these days. Woot sells awful products at great prices. And you can further torture yourself by trying to get help from their customer service. I bought something from them. After exchanging a few emails with their customer service about the order, it dawned on me - these guys don't care. They got my money and it is not coming back, no matter what. So why waste more time on this. I cut my losses and learnt the hard way about this company."


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Current Employee - Warehouse Worker says

"This is a "don't mess up" or your fired job. This mentality creates an air of fear between the employees & the staff to the point there is 0 trust. Trust & fear cannot co-exist. I'm not talking about irresponsible mess ups like coming from lunch 20 minutes late. I mean petty meaningless mess ups like accidentally bring your phone on the floor. Minor mistakes cause employees to become so fearful of job loss they turn on each other. They will lie or scapegoat you just to try & preserve their job. This does not create a healthy team mentality or a stable community. It creates a very hostile out for yourself view. It's an attack on your humanity to say the least. In my interview instead of a "welcome to the company", I got "if you don't respond to this email by 5pm don't bother coming". Which should have alerted me that passive aggression & fear was the tactic by which they maintain the illusion of control amoungst the employees. Then during training they mentioned being fired at LEAST 10 times & how if you quit you'd never work for Amazon again your entire life!! Again fear based control. The turn over rate is alarmingly high!! I'm gathering because it's a narcissistic environment and anyone with a backbone or practical sense would not tolerate this emotional abuse unless they had no other choice. I mean if you need some money go for it until you find something else but staying in toxic environments does serious damage to your physical health, your emotional health, & your spiritual health. It's a broken company. Practically thinking even the treat of NEVER working for one of the biggest companies in the world that's growing expenentially hasn't stopped hundreds of people from quitting. It makes you wonder "what's so bad an employee can't wait 2 weeks to quit properly with resignation?" Any job that makes you extremely anxious & fearful has demons. It's no way to live. Also there is no advancement which not I'm not sure why you'd want to stay long enough to move up."

Former Employee - Associate says

"Almost too much to list. LONG days or nights. 30 minutes for lunch and 2- 15 minute breaks. On cement all day or night on your feet. Make a mistake and they will can you. It is just WRONG what you have done to many many workers. You will work holidays. Work you like a dog son"

Former Employee - Copy and Print Associate says

"I was harass by men and women nothing was done by management"


"Revolving door of temp employees. The quality of the people they hire is just horrible and embarrassing. You're not ever sure of who to go to. You're told one thing, and then you have to do another. HR is a joke, but that is as expected with any warehouse. There's always some type of damage control going on. Amazon should come in and clean house."


"No communication Doesn't care about you having a family or a life outside of the job Too much favoritism Constantly threaten your employment If you're not permanent you will be treated like a replacement Big turnover rate Let good workers go to hire new people who are not willing to learn the process"

Press Operator says

"A LOT! Dirty breakroom, no stability, high employment turnover."


"You day is in tiptoe. The turnover is so high. I don't think there are people in this company for more than a year and a year is even rare. They expect too much and at the beginning of the shift,there is a kind of short meeting and those who made the highest number will get a clap. Management has no clue at all how people got that number. They have clicks who feed them, but they don't know who is the hard and honest worker. They expect you to tell them when others cheat. Who will put his life in a risk not to lose a job, despite the moral issue? We have seen a lot when a fired employee come back to kill the boss and others. Isn't that the companies responsibility to create a transparent, honest, and clear work structure? Honest and responsible employees got fired without beeing told the reason and because of others dishonest ethics. They don't even try to find out how it happened, whose mistake it is, you don't get allowed to get in the next day when you go to work. Wouldn't be better to know why things happened to create a healthy environment for the next employees and corect their very an organised work process.It doesn't matter who you are and if you like it or not, you are in the party 4 days a week, 10 hrs a day. There is a very loud trash kind of music you have to listen. ear plug is not allowed because of safety. You can't plan with your money. It is rear to work 40 hrs a week. If they don't have enough order, they will send you home at ay time. They will tell you that you will be hired by the company after thirty days. I have seen people who still work for an agency for months and still haven't got an interview."

Field Agent says

"They don't care about the workers. All they want is impossible numbers. They have no problem getting rid of good people."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"All the systems are broken & manual & slow, making doing work hard. People, by necessity of the culture, are mean and 2-faced. To survive, one must play along. I've watched many talented people be forced out, like expired milk."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Low pay. Expected to work on weekends due to the nature of the business. Managers hire people to due the work they feel is beneath them. Managers also give you tons of work to stress you out and to make things appear you don't know how to perform your duties when they want to get rid of you. They give you so much work to prove to HR the position is need but the reality is the managers are just lazy. Favoritism on multiple levels. Derogatory language and symbols are used and displayed in cubicles throughout the office."

Print Associate (Former Employee) says

"This is the horribleness place to work because first of all the green badget which are called tempt is anytime to be laid off. They give green badget no time to prepare or notice. They treat the green badget so wrong. In order to be convert it take lot more effort to be convert then just perfect attendant. I been there for year and they did me so wrong. They are very worst. What they said it a lied, you have to wrong your butt off so hard to be kept. The people they kept is not very deserve it.Lunches and two breaksLaid off"

Inventory Picker (Former Employee) says

"I feel like this job is only good for the summer I don't see it as a career the management is bad and plus it takes too long to get converted and its a lot of drama and messy there i would consider finding another job that is better than this onebreaksmanagement"

Press Operator (Former Employee) says

"Avoid this Company, WOOT. Pay per hour is good enough but there is no future in this company. Management doesn't know what they're doing. your job description isn't what you're gonna do. seeing 70 people in a day get laid off for no reason. they always talk about it being amazon but if amazon sees how woot works, they might opt out.$15 per hour just printingdirty breakroom, no SOP, untrained management, high employee turnover"

Picker (Former Employee) says

"It was easy but very busy some of the workers are willing to work together and some aren't but.it can be a fun good depending on the people they team you up withThe workers was really nice( some)Management wasn't good"

Digital Press Operator (Former Employee) says

"Managers are just managers simply because they have a degree. They have no idea what they're managing or how to do the job that they're asking you to do. They want to implement "new ideas" without even communicating with the employees who actually do the job to see if they would be beneficial. They literally fire someone if not multiple people everyday for simple things. There is absolutely no job security. Unorganized and a complete ruckus."

Area Manager - Shirt Operations (Current Employee) says

"good stepping stone to get you in the door of Amazon, Don't believe everything that's promised, be sure to get all the promises in writing, Not a job for someone with a family. If you have any FED-EX experience you will go far.compensation and Benfitsno work life balance, no advancement opportunities"

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"Managers were unreliable, unorganized and unprofessional. They wouldn’t keep their word and would go against what they originally said. Point system needs to be updated."

Warehouse Clerk (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed working at Woot, I don't agree with all the rules but did my best to abide by them. I'm grateful for the experience and all the cool people I met.Easiest job I have ever had!Your on your feet the whole time!"

Content Manager (Former Employee) says

"You will leave with a wealth of knowledge and exceptional work experience. But if your are exempt (which most positions at Woot are) this job will take way more of your personal time than should be legal. The workload is borderline abusive.Pay, benefitsZERO work-life balance"

T3 Lead (Current Employee) says

"Amazon is unaware of a lot of things that are going on. Amazon policy and procedures are not totally adhered to. Policies are only enforced when the head office is contacted. They use it as a retaliation."

Press Assistant (Current Employee) says

"I liked woot . it was the best company to work. Down the line, they started acting overprotective. I don't know where that came from, but the company is a good place to work for 18 yr oldsNo free lunches15 min breaks"

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"Wear comfortable shoes. Particularly Nike running shoes they are better on the feet. Dress comfortable depending on the weather. Long hair keep it put in a ponytail.Good pay, 3&4 weekends, they have give aways, and lunch give aways sometimes.On your feet for about 11 hours"

Ambassador/Quality Specialist (Current Employee) says

"As a ICQA I am on the floor to encourage the associate to work safely and to answer any question that they may have. I learned how to work on the computers and sending out accurate data to the higher management teams. The culture of the business is followed by leadership principles, which i think helps the business run smoothly. The best part of my job is to help peaople learn new things.stockshort breaks"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"great work environment, still working out bugs. their shirt division is doing great. subsidiary of amazon. high turnover in warehouse. if they can work out the bugs they will be a great co."

DEAN Carpenter says

"do not buy from this vendor. they were to provide 2 new laptops but only shipped one refurbished and will not correct the problem costing me $460 for product never shipped."

Sophie Victoria Alice says

"Some one set up an account using my email and card details. Thankfully it didnt go through. I tried to log on to the website using a password reset and it kept coming up.with a really dumb message about it couldn't process the password reset and to try again but dont do what you just did...but dosnt say what went wrong! I am almost sure this website is a scam. Even though its listed as a part of amazon."

CJ says

"I have bought multiple things from this company over the years. I have to say every time I have ordered something it is either very subpar or just a waste of money. The cheapest thing on Amazon is still better than anything this company sells."

label drewout says

"This company is a cheater! They ship Grade C-D chromebooks, but I ordered Grade A!"

Wouter Vandekerkhove says

"Here the same, never used Woot but also 915 dollar charged on my credit card. Visa suspected fraud, nevertheless amount is counted for until investigation has been done... Diana Masic this is no coincidence....."

Diana Mašić says

"Ive never used woot, but i got a call today from my credit card company saying that a 900 dollar purchase on my card was declined on this site... So someone stole my card number. This is beyond sketchy, stay away from it."

Mark says

"Due to COVID (our office being closed), we were not able us use or test the refurbished computer we purchased from Woot. When we got back in the office, we tried to start it and literally nothing happened. I did not ask for a refund, just a comparable replacement. Most companies are understanding during this pandemic, I guess Woot doesn't care. I will be sure to share my feels about Woot whenever I get a chance."

ka says

"They do not provide refunds for items returned to them! This is unacceptable. I purchased an $847.99 Iphone, and returned it to them, nearly Two Weeks After they have Received it as per UPS delivery Tracking, A Refund has Not Been Issued! I am extremely surprised they operate in this manner. Unethical Business Practices."

TheAztecAdi says

"Aweful, bunch of squandars, liars, bunch of Thieves... Stay away from this site ... don’t get tempted of 40% off or 60% off.. they will sell t broken and not working item and then after will make you to call Manufacturers... To keep the matter simple and short. Buy stuff from Amazon with your eye closed but stay away from woot .. I know it’s kind of silly amazon owns woot right... lol that’s what these big monster company do, if a cheap stuff selling company bring a competition, they kill that company by buying it..."

Kim says

"What an awful fraudulent company. I may have to sue them for Fraud, Mail Fraud, Misrepresentation of a product, and my inconvenience. My Attorney is ready! I ordered an iPhone SE 2020. What I received was outrageous! I received an old iPhone SE the one before even the 6. It was not even the right color, all the charging equipment was nothing from Apple. It was so old it had a hole port for headphones. My Wireless Carrier told me it was not a working phone. It was completely unable to use. No wonder they don’t have a Customer Service phone number! They underestimated me! Woot also tried to send me another phone. NOT! I’m refusing delivery. They will reimburse me. Or have a lawsuit filed against them, I also reported them to the FTC. Don’t use this subsidiary of Amazon. Anything you order from Amazon does not come from the original Company. Such as Apple. None of their Apple products come from Apple. My Attorney found this out for me. Disappointed; understatement, feel as victim of Fraud, like I said Woot underestimates me! KimPatricia D."

Marek Šling says

"Woot has defrauded my girlfriend's credit card. She didn't order anything and they charged her 230 dollars. Stay away!"

Marcel says


Jb Walters says

"First time using Woot and it was not a good experience. Item I ordered and played for (funds cleared through bank) is now sold out. Received an email that they miscounted and oops sorry. Poor customer service. Not using Woot again."

Jay Dee says

"Worst customer srevice!"

Roman Rybalchenko says

"They sent me 2 wrong items. Kindle Fire instead of Kindle Paperwhite. When I opened the box out of 90-days period of warranty and noticed that (it was purchased as a gift) they declined to solve that problem and help me in any way."

Alexis Gates says

"Don't use this. I never went on woot. com. And I looked at my bank account today they took 400 out of my account. So I had to call my bank and they declined it thank God and ended my credit card. And then when I contacted this company they told me they are part of Amazon to get ahold of Amazon. I did and Amazon does know anything about this company.. So it's a BIG SCAM... Watch you're bank account always."

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